Ice Bucket Challenge … Sort of…

bucket_head_shelbyMy sister Alexis DeNike nominated me for the Ice Bucket challenge, as she stated this hits home for our family as we lost our grandfather to ALS. I think the Ice Bucket challenge has totally helped to bring awareness to ALS, and really gotten a lot of people to donate that likely wouldn’t have.
I feel that its becoming more of a “hey look what I did” kind of challenge for most so I am going to pass on the dumping of ice water on myself and instead just go with the donation as thats really what is important here. I have made a donation to the ALS Association in memory of my grandpa Runo Leppanen. I have also made a donation to Charity Water in order to bring clean drinking water to regions that otherwise would not have access to clean drinking water.

Thinking of disabling comments…

Lately I have been thinking more and more about disabling comments by default unless otherwise specified.  Most of the posts that I make on the site could go without comments, unless it is one of the various tech posts that I make and people have questions on the code.  Acting as kind of a test, what do you think about comments?  Are they really needed these days? Do you use them on your site(s)?

Installing sshpass on OS X

I recently came across ansible and decided to give it a go, actually kind of upset that I never came across it before as I can already imagine quite a few cases when it could have come in handy and saved me a lot of time when it came to running the same command across multiple servers.

I went about installing ansible by using Homebrew which I have installed on my MacBook Air but soon noticed that I was not able to run commands against all the servers since sshpass was not installed on my machine. I figured the easy route would be to use Homebrew and just install it, but just searching for sshpass with Homebrew I was presented with the following error message. [Read more...]