Five year anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

To celebrate our five year anniversary Kat and I went on a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We ended up staying at the Paradise Village Resort and Spa which was just north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico out of the city.

Overall Paradise Village was a pretty decent resort, even though they still tried to talk us into getting a timeshare (Seems to be a common in every location we stay in Mexico). We ended up having an awesome time lounging around on the beach and hitting up the downtown area a couple of days to wander.

Per usual I didn’t end up taking as many photos as I would have liked, but the few pictures I ended up with seemed to have captured the fun that we were having.

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Laughing Squid NYC – Feb 2015

I took some pictures of the random adventures of the Laughing Squid team (Hosting team as well as the Blogging team) on our annual meetup. This year it took place in Manhattan, New York. We always have an awesome time when the whole team is together (Especially when I am forcing everyone into taking Pickleback’s) since most of our days are spent communicating via Slack and only get to see one another on these rare occasions. Already getting excited about the next time we all get together again.

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Steamboat Springs for Randy’s Birthday

Over the weekend we were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for Randy’s week long birthday extravaganza. While I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I would have hoped too, I got a handful of decent pictures while at the resort watching Kat kill it her first time skiing! Super proud of how well she did, and now she’s a bit hooked so this winter will entail a lot of ski/boarding trip. I didn’t end up taking any pictures from our trip to the Strawberry Park hot springs, but not much to see there at night except the steam and the stars.
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