Spam emails…

This spammy email just showed up in my inbox this AM and I am not even sure what to make of it

Species have been reported from Wales, Xinjiang, Brazil and Australia. The title ship flew through 7 dangerous stages and was forced to fight large bosses using timed attacks. Ostrowiec was a place of massive demonstrations and industrial action.

What exactly is the point of an email like this? They sure have “evolved” form the viagra ads I recall getting back in the day.

Disable auto-playing movies on Facebook with Chrome

If you are tired of the recent auto-playing of movies on your Facebook newsfeed you can disable them with this quick fix inside Chrome. Simply open up chrome and type the following into the address bar

Now scroll down to the Plug-ins section and toggle Click to play as shown below

disable autoplay option

After that hit done, and load up Facebook in a new tab and you shouldn’t have auto-playing videos in your news feed any longer.

Speedtest from the CLI

The following alias that I have setup on my machine is really nice for running a speedtest with out using your browser. I have matched up the results with various online tests and it seems to match up almost perfectly with what they display.