MySQL not auto starting on Yosemite

I was setting up a Mac Mini to replace the existing sd3labs office Linux server and ran across an issue with MySQL not starting on reboot, hell it actually gave an error on install saying the installed failed which it really didn’t. I came across a post on Stackoverflow explaining how to correct this and thought I would mirror the info here.

The first thing you need to do is create the following file /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.mysql.mysql.plist

In the com.mysql.mysql.plist file that you just created you will need to then add the following information to it.

And lastly make sure to give it the proper permissions so it can be executed properly at startup, and then add it to launchctl as shown here.

After all said and done you should be able to reboot the system and MySQL will be running when it comes back up.

New theme and no comments

I have been using the Genesis Framework for sometime now on this site and just about every other site that I manage, but I decided that we needed a break from one another… at least for just a little bit. In keeping up with WordPress and its development I figured I would give the new Twenty Fifteen theme a test run and see what it had to offer. So far I am digging the minimalism of it, as well as the default features that are included.  The inclusion of Social links is really nice an allowed me to remove another plugin that was used previously to achieve the same function.

If you are feeling adventurous you can grab it from the nightly build, or directly via Git or SVN.

Also with this change I decided to finally do away with site comments, which is something I have been thinking about doing for sometime. Removing comments also allowed me to remove yet another plugin, that being Disqus. I may end up enabling comments on specific posts from time to time depending on the content, but overall I think they are gone for good at this point.

Forsythe Canyon

Over the weekend Kat and I went for a hike at Forsythe Canyon up near Nederland.  It was a pretty easy hike and leads out to a reservoir and you get to check out a small waterfall on the way too.  Speaking of the waterfall, while we were hiking and checking it out, a dog that was with another set of hikers came up unattended and decided to take a look over the edge of the waterfall…. it lost its footing and fell over the edge, meanwhile the owners of the dog were no where to be found, except for their Continue reading Forsythe Canyon