Airport Extreme setup via SSH Tunnel

I have disabled remote configuration on my Airport Extreme but was out of town and needed to add a new port to the router and forward it to an internal machine, made me scratch my head a bit.  After some googling I found information on setting up an SSH tunnel to assist with this.

On my Macbook I ran the following command to set create the tunnel to my server on my home network.  Simply substitute the Router_IP for the IP of your router and then of course change IP_Address_of_home_connection to the IP of your home connection or Dynamic Address (

Once you have established the connection via the terminal on your mac you can then bring up the Airport Utility and goto File->Configure other.  Use as the IP of the router and then add your router password. This should then connect (depending on your connection speed it may not be instant.

Faster SSH connection to the same server

Recently I was in search of some ways to speed up my SSH connections as I spend a lot of my days within the terminal.  I came across this handy little gem which can help you connect faster to a server that you already have a connection to.  There is a feature within OpenSSH called connection sharing and its really easy to enable, and requires no edits to the server.

To enable OpenSSH connection sharing, edit your SSH config file:

Add the following lines of code to it:

Once you have made the modification to the SSH config file, disconnect from the current connection and for good measure close out of your terminal.  Now you can open up your terminal and connect to a server, open up a new tab and connect to the same server.  The new connection should connect much quicker than the first one.

SSH automatic login assistance script

A while ago I did a write up on SSH keys, anyways I was looking into it a little more today and came across this handy little script that makes it… well simple.  I didn’t write it myself, I found it over here.  Go ahead and give it a try it works like a charm.