Happy Late New Year!

Well looking back I have been pretty bad about posting, always stating I will be posting on a regular basis…. never seems to happen.  Anyways its a new year and I am going to try to make the same promise again.  I have been wanting to post on a more frequent basis these days, but for some reason I never find the time to actually site and do so.  I mildly blame Reddit and Imgur for this as they seem to occupy more and more of my free time.

Anyways I have slowly been addressing some issues on my site, removing plugins, adjust themes the whole 9 yards.  I was initially working on a custom theme, but really who has the time to sit down and do that. The other day I went out and purchased a copy of the Standard theme which I am currently running.  Overall it seems to have sped up the site quite a bit (though this could also be due tot he fact I have removed a ton of plugins, and cleaned up the database too). Its a pretty nice theme and looks like something that I will be able to build off of as time allows.

Well anyways happy late new years to everyone and really I hope to be posting a bit more frequent this year…

WordPress Theme Destruction

In my attempts to fix my theme, it seems that I have destroyed it.  As you can see the font sizes are way off, and really I am unsure why… seeing that I didn’t change any of the CSS on the page.  Guess this is more motivation to get the new theme out, though I am really not sure its ready for production yet since I just started creating it about 3 days ago, and really only spent about 15 minutes working on it.

1hr to go

And I am really tired.  I almost want to make some coffee… but then I will be up forever, unless I start drinking when I get home …. hmm ideas.  Anyways this is a temp theme until I get around to creating a new one myself.