Site performance and moving to the Cloud….

This is a topic that I revisit quite often, sometimes out of boredom and sometimes just out of a need to well revisit things. Over the years I have worked as a system admin for a few hosting companies and have noticed that not all sites fit well on a shared platform, or if they fit just don’t work as well as they could.  My goal has always been to try to get a premium setup with out paying an arm and a leg for it.

Below I am going to cover a few things that I have researched(Don’t expect any hard numbers you will simply have to take my word on this of search Google for articles showing full comparisons/numbers), tested and implemented for [Read more...]

WordCamp Las Vegas

Once again another post that should have been posted a while ago.  I have taken over the responsibilities involved with organizing WordCamp Las Vegas 2011.  This is the first time I have directly organized such an event, though the company I used to work for did help with the organization of the first WordCamp Los Angeles so I have some insight of how it should go.  Not to mention I have the mentoring of John Hawkins who was the previous Vegas organizer so that should help a lot too.
I have made a pretty big dent in planning and what not.  I have secured a date and venue, and have recently opened up the speaker application form so the ball is slowly rolling.  I have enlisted the help of Sean Goodwin for some sticker/shirt/graphic design for the event as well.
I hope to put tickets for the event on sale this week, as well as start accepting sponsorship once that is all out there I think I can take a short breather for a bit which I am looking forward to.

Auto linking post keywords

The other day while writing a post I was getting fed up with creating the same links over and over again.  In the past I used a WordPress plugin called aLinks, unfortunately it stopped working a few WordPress versions back so I got rid of it.  So I decided to start looking around again to see if there was something that would achieve the same effect and that actually worked with the newer builds of WordPress.
I finally came across WP Keyword Link, while the interface isn’t the most intuitive or very pretty, but it does the job.  So if you are looking for a plugin that will auto link keywords in your posts you should defiantly check it out.