100 days of blogging challenge, let’s give this a try again…

MacBook Pro

So the 100 days of blogging challenge is starting again, today on December 1st, 2021. Last year I did alright but this year I hope to do even better. I have already started drafting up posts that I intend to schedule in order to give myself a decent lead time when it comes to thinking … Read More

First freeze of the season

Lagoon - 1st Freeze - Nov 2021

Woke up on November 23rd, 2021 and noticed that the Lagoon has finally started to freeze. I am interested to see if this will be the unsettling start of winter or if it will end up thawing out a few more times before solidifying. One thing I am certain about though is that this certainly … Read More

What I learned from deleting my restoreOS partition…

Apple MacBook Air M1

TL;DR DON’T DO IT Now for the longer version of the story. Last week I was fumbling around formatting a handful of USB thumb drives on my M1 Macbook Air, and I sadly formatted the restoreOS partition. While I was in a quick panic mode when I noticed and tried to stop the process, the … Read More