Another snowy Monday

Looking at the post title you might think I am about to complain about the snow, but actually, I really do like the snow; it’s the cold that I am not a fan of. Outside of the snow there is nothing too eventful to post about today, other than I am starting to dislike Home …

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Sunday Funday?

I wish. These recent weekends have been anything but a Sunday Funday, as we have been in high gear working on the house. Since moving in it seems like it has been nothing but project after project, but the end is near! Hoping in the following week, likely two everything SHOULD be wrapping up. We …

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Repurposing the NYC Train Sign Project

NYC Train Sign

A couple of years ago my friend Jeff was cleaning out his storage unit and he came across the NYC Train Sign that he received from a now-defunct Kickstarter campaign that never took off, err I should say it took off but the company only ended up sending out a handful of the signs and …

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