Chicken Tikka Masala with the Instant Pot

I recently purchased an Instant Pot, and by recently I actually mean last year when they were on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Anyways shortly after the purchase I started to look for recipes that I figured would work well in the Instant Pot, one being Chicken Tikka Masala. I came across a pretty decent recipe and made some alterations to fit my palate a bit better.

Ubiquiti Home Network Upgrade

Ubiquiti Install
For a while now I have been thinking about upgrading my network, and since moving I have been having more and more issues with my 2TB Apple Time Capsule where I am forced to reboot it often. Besides rebooting it I have also been experiencing a poor or often times slow signal now that I live in much larger than when I lived in Denver.

Git commit GPG error

I recently started running into an issue when trying to push commits to git.  The error was as follows.

error: cannot run gpg: No such file or directory
error: could not run gpg.
fatal: failed to write commit object

It seems as though a recent update messaged up my whole Git/GPG setup.
After a little bit of research, I was able to resolve this with the following command.

git config --global gpg.program $(which gpg)