Chilaquiles Recipe


While I hate to admit it, I came across a picture of this dish while randomly browsing Instagram one evening. That sent me down a rabbit hole looking at various recipes until I found one that I thought had some potential based on the others I read. I went about doctoring this up to the … Read More

Switching to Visible from Google Fi

Visible Logo

I have been using Google Fi for over a year now on my iPhone, but since moving the service was just not cutting it. I often found myself standing next to the door, window, or even in some cases on my porch in order to make/take a call. Also with the iPhone, I was not able to utilize Wifi calling so it kind of put me into a tough spot.

I think a lot of the issues with this were due to how Google Fi makes use of Sprint and T-Mobile cell towers, sadly on the iPhone it only utilized T-Mobile which is spotty here in Okemos, and well just about everywhere in the area.

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Peyton’s Graduation, wow I am old.


Over the weekend it was Peyton’s graduation, I don’t have much to say on this except that I am beyond excited that she made it all the way and with honors at that! I am so happy and without words with how well she did. I couldn’t be happier and I am so excited to see where she takes herself in the future. .. and yeah now I really do feel old knowing that I have an almost 18yr old heading off to college!

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