100 Days of Blogging update

I can’t say enough about how difficult this challenge has become. I have really been trying to make some meaningful posts on a daily basis, but if you have been following along, you might have noticed some small, more or less pointless posts, even a few skipped days such as yesterday.

It is much more challenging to write something up during the weekend as I have been trying more and more to stay away from the computer during my days when I don’t actually have to work in front of it. The weather has been getting nicer; the state has started to open up things, so I am even more compelled to not sit in the office typing.

I have, however, been looking into a mobile way to post, and unfortunately, since you need JetPack installed to utilize the WordPress iOS app, that is kind of out of the question. I have started to use Bear.app to draft up posts, which then later I can paste into the post once I am back at the computer. I would love to see a “Post to WordPress” feature in Bear.app, but I am confident that will never happen.

Either way, I am still chugging along even with some missed days I am going to try to complete this challenge, check back next week for another update on how burnt out I am on this and if I will be waving a white flag.