35th Birthday Camping Trip

35th Birthday Camping Trip

Since I am getting old and cant remember anything these days, I figured I would try to do a “real” blog post… For my 35th birthday I was having a difficult time trying to decide what I wanted to do. The idea of camping came up and it seemed like it would make for a pretty awesome weekend. A while ago some of Kats coworkers invited us on a Camping trip in Silverthorne, Colorado showing us an awesome secluded campsite right on the river, so with that we set the time and location and sent out the invites.

We had planned for a Fri-Sun camping trip so I figured since the weather was supposed to be decent that we should beat the traffic and head up that Thursday to plant our tent and claim the space. On the way up we wanted to stop and grab some food and Georgetown, Colorado seemed like a nice stopping point, and hell we have never explored there before. We came across The Alpine Restaurant and Bar, while not exactly what we were looking for we ordered a pizza anyways …. which ended up being a good decision as it was pretty legit, if you are in the area you should stop by and grab some.

We finally made our way to the campsite and after setting up the tent we drove in to Dillon, Colorado where Kat had already reserved us a hotel room for the night. Definitely not the most amazing place to stay the night, but I picked it because it was close to the campsite, and there was a little dive bar that we had stumbled upon before, I figured that alone would be a funny place to ring in my birthday come midnight. We also drove out to Breckenridge to grab some dinner at Southridge Seafood Grill, which happens to have some decently priced crab legs, well at least when you compare prices to Jax Fish House in Boulder…

That night we hung out at the bar, which was comical due to some of the locals that thought they owned the place.  The bar tender was pretty cool though and gave us a decent amount of birthday shots which made the walk back across the way to the hotel a bit fuzzy, and the next morning a little hazy as well.  But all in all was an awesome time as usual with Kat ringing in another birthday.

When morning came around we grabbed some breakfast, and a few drinks at the various breweries around town before shopping for camping supplies and heading to the camp site to await everyone showing up. Once everyone got there we finished getting the camp site all setup and then the handle of Jameson was brought and the campfire debauchery began.

The rest of the weekend consisted of more Jameson, Flimsee, chilling on the river while trying to get hammocks suspended high above, and more campfire shenanigans.

When Sunday finally came around we all packed up and hit the road …. well not really, first off we had to jump Andrews car as it was not wanting to leave the campsite.  Once that was handled we got on the road, and per usual ran into the I-70 traffic and were dead stopped for a couple of extra hours, but I suppose it was a small price to pay for an awesome birthday weekend.

*Some photos credited to Randall Bayaz