A day in “court”…

Yesterday I finally had my “court” date for the traffic violations I had back in March.  I got pulled over on the way back to work from lunch and got a ticket for Expired Registration as well as an incorrect address on my License.
It was an honest mistake and the following morning I went to the DMV and got it all taken care of.  Even doing that I was still worried since the fine could be around $1000 and the ticket required me to show up in court.

I woke up nice and early as the courthouse is not that close, and I had to be there by 8 am. I arrived at the courthouse and had a hell of a time getting there since there was road construction, and finding the parking garage was not the easiest to locate. Went through the metal detectors, which was a first for me in a courthouse.  Anyways I was pretty tired and dressed up to see a judge since those are usually the people that you visit in “court”…. yeah not the case.  Being in “court” was more or less being at the DMV.  I arrived and got my number and was called to a glass window to show proof of my registration and new ID.  That was that case dismissed.
While it sucks that I had to wake up early and get dressed up for a court appearance that never really happened. At least I am not out of $1000+, or any money at that.