A little catchup and the start of 2012

Thought I would try to put together a “year in review” type of post to start off 2012. I have slacked on posting updates about life, and technology mainly because of time dedicated to work, WordCamp Las Vegas, Christmas, and New Years.  Now that the event is over, and the most recent holidays are done I hope to have a little more free time to not only work on some projects, but to also post more to the site.

Life – I have traveled a bunch over the last year and attended quite a few concerts and festivals.  Had some bad times but mostly good times it was a really exciting year that allowed me to experience a lot of new things.  I hope this coming year and the years after hold just as much fun and excitement as 2011 did for me.

WordCamp Las Vegas – For never organizing a WordCamp before, I must say it went pretty well.  I am not just speaking on my own here as a lot of attendees have stated that it went really well and they enjoyed it a lot.  I was able to get a fantastic hotel deal from the Hard Rock Hotel here in Vegas, work out a great venue space with UNLV, and then set up an after-party at the Freakin Frog.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be once the ball got rolling. I am debating on doing a WordCamp for 2012, if I do it should be easier now that I already have 1 under my belt.

Christmas – Nothing much to report on this front.  Seems as though I am getting to that age in life where Christmas is just yet another day on the calendar…. except I don’t have to work.

New Years – 2011 went by really quick, seemed like every day that I got up it was another month in.  As much fun as I had over 2011 I sure hope 2012 lasts a bit longer and doesn’t fly by so quick.

Projects – Over the past year I have been working on various projects and have a few more that I want to add to my list this year… and well hopefully finish up the ones I already started.

  1. Performance Server Setup – I have been playing around with NGINX, Varnish, APC, and Memcached for the past year.  I can’t even begin to count how many installs of each I have done and different server builds to make use of the technologies.  It’s been a really good learning experience and I hope to actually apply it to something soon.
  2. LED Hula Hoops – The idea kind of sparked in my mind after going to a music festival in Colorado where I started to notice people using these LED Hula Hoops. I hope sometime this year to start mass producing them and selling them online.
  3. Internal Network – Since I started working from home I started to look at the internal network that I have set up.  I have been trying to consolidate my systems and build in redundancy along the way.  I hope soon to have my dedicated server set up with RAID and everything on a gigabit network as well.  On top of that over the years I have been getting more into gathering data such as hard drive temps, and my snake’s aquarium temp and logging it to MySQL, and graphing out the data.  I hope to continue adding more data gathering to the mix, possibly with a Twine once released or another Arduino.

Well that concludes my first post of the new year, and as always I hope to start expanding on this site more and more with more consistent updates too.