bw_profile-PrismaWell let’s see I was born August 7th 1980 @ 2:17pm in good old Lansing Michigan. Over the years I grew up did this and did that, somewhere along the way I took a liking to computers and really excelled at it. From the BBS days on a 1200 baud modem to working in multiple data centers with multiple provider connections coming in.

After spending 24 winters in that cold gloomy state I decided it was time for a change to experience what lies outside of Michigan, so in July of 2005 I decided to move to Sunny California to see what it could bring me in life.  I worked for an outdoor lighting company as their Director of Media Technology (Pretty much a fancy title for saying I edited photos, managed a blog, and helped the owner send emails).  I moved from that to working at another Web Hosting company.

After spending a few years in Los Angeles, I moved to Las Vegas for a year and after a very hot summer in Las Vegas I decided to move back to Los Angeles once again.  This time it was short lived and I now find myself back in Las Vegas dealing with the extreme heat. Even with the heat I have managed to fall in love with a super awesome chick that makes everyday special, and helped me forget about the hellish desert that we lived in until moving to Boulder, Colorado in 2013 which has been an amazing change. Just before moving to Colorado I started working with Laughing Squid Hosting as a system administrator which allowed for the move as well as starting my own business (sd3labs, LLC now defunct).  After 5yrs with Laughing Squid Hosting, I decided to move on and take a job with a White-Label Fully Managed WordPress Hosting company.

About the Site:
In my many years of being on the net I have had many sites,, (Managed WordPress Hosting), the home of my WordPress consulting business),,,,,,,, etc…. I decided that I wanted a place to express myself and also play with web technologies so I purchased I have been running the site with this domain since Feb 2004 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Fauxzen uses WordPress, a slew of plug-ins to make it function the way that I see fit, and of course is running on my Managed WordPress hosting platform.

Facts: Updated 04.19.2016

  • I can cook really well… on a grill, ask me to bake a cake and I will fail. I have recently branched out into making some awesome home-made pizza, as well as egg rolls
  • I used to only use Mozilla Firefox but recently discovered Chrome… and since OS X 10.11 I switched back to Safari.
  • I was pretty sheltered when it came to food, being raised on the all American meal of Burgers, Pizza, and Meat Loaf. Since Kat has come into the picture this has changed a lot. And I love it.
  • I am addicted to Twitter Facebook MySpace.
  • I have given up on Gentoo and stick to Ubuntu on all of my Linux Machines
  • I think that Las Vegas is the single greatest places in the world, its like and adult Disney Land.
  • I tried the vegetarian route for a month once, and may try it again sometime in the future.
  • If I start a movie I will watch it no matter how bad it is.  Unless it is Journey to the Center of the Earth, that movie is absolute crap.
  • I am a big fan of screen (as it has saved my ass on many occasions when it comes to crap connections.)