Adium Version 1.5.1b1 (2012-05-13) Rev: 6efd242bafce

Woke up this morning to a nice little Adium update.

  • Adium is now securely signed with an Apple Developer ID for OS X 10.8 / GateKeeper compatibility
  • Updated to libpurple 2.10.4
    • AIM/ICQ: Fix communication with buddies containing periods and underscores
    • MSN: Fix messages to offline contacts
    • Fixed a number of security issues (see, small memory leaks, miscellaneous bugs
  • Fixed status indicators in chat windows with only one chat. (#9620)
  • Renamed “Send Notification” to “Request Attention”. (#15789)
  • Adjusted the layout of the profile selection window.
  • Adjusted the minimum size of the message window to be 200px. (#15794)
  • Increased the size of the focus indicators so that they can be better seen when using overlay scrollbars.
  • Fixed the transcript viewer not saving the user list size.
  • Made “View Release Notes” localizable. (#15914)
  • Corrected some MSN emoticon shortcuts. (#15926)