Aim Conversation #1

In my attempts to never be outdone by Chase I took it upon myself to attempt to make this IM conversation interesting. It was short lived but its a start. Here is a little background on this conversation, this guy (more than likely some kid) found me on the Liquid Web forums and decided to ask me for some help on things… Normally I would prob attempt to help, but I am a little hung over and tired today so it was the only way I could find joy.

(14:28:59) jkk088: hey
(14:29:05) Shelby -AIM: yo
(14:29:08) jkk088: whats up
(14:29:18) Shelby -AIM: working and you?
(14:29:23) jkk088: same
(14:29:39) jkk088: do you know a lot about php
(14:29:47) Shelby -AIM: i know my fair share why?
(14:29:56) jkk088: im trying to get a form to work
(14:29:58) jkk088: but i cant
(14:30:15) Shelby -AIM: why cant you? whats it doing?
(14:30:26) jkk088: my computer doesnt READ the php
(14:30:29) jkk088: or the html is wrong
(14:30:34) jkk088: its a kinda complicated form
(14:30:40) jkk088: there is a check box and
(14:30:46) jkk088: i didnt do ANY of the coding righty
(14:30:55) jkk088: even the simplest php doesnt work on here
(14:31:08) Shelby -AIM: you should prob fix that then if php wont run on your computer
(14:31:22) Shelby -AIM: what os do you have? and what apache version installed?
(14:31:30) jkk088: Windows

After him saying Windows I figured this might get interesting.

(14:31:40) Shelby -AIM: so you are using IIS?
(14:31:40) jkk088: XP
(14:31:46) jkk088: IIS?
(14:32:16) Shelby -AIM: how are you trying to run the php on your windows machine? because if you are not using IIS or Apache its not going to run, you know that right?

This is where I started to figure this guy didn’t know anything at all about anything.

(14:32:30) jkk088: no
(14:32:36) jkk088: where can I download that?
(14:34:36) Shelby -AIM: they have the full package for download over at
(14:34:55) jkk088: WTF
(14:35:09) Shelby -AIM: you find it?
(14:35:19) jkk088: are you crazy?
(14:35:23) Shelby -AIM: Why do you ask?
(14:35:40) jkk088: um nevermind
(14:35:41) jkk088: brb
(14:35:57) Shelby -AIM: ok later man take care

Could have been better … but ohh well it made me laugh for a minute.