AirPods Pro

Last week I ordered some Apple AirPods Pro, as my first-generation ones were starting to lose their charge to the point where I could barely make it through a 30-minute Zoom call. After a bit of debate, I decided that I needed to continue the Apple Fandom and take the plunge.

While I have not had the opportunity to make full use of them yet, I did test them out, and the sound quality seems much better than the original AirPods that I upgraded from.

Also, the new design feels much more snug in your ear, where you are not worrying that they might fall out while walking around, or when mowing the lawn.

Overall I am impressed with the upgrade and highly recommend taking the plunge yourself if you are in need of an upgrade. The wireless charging case is also a major bonus as it’s one less cord that I need to have on my desk.