Amazon Pharmacy

A while back after a short stay in the hospital for high blood pressure and hypertension, I was put on a handful of medications to help lower the high blood pressure. Though over time of adjusting the prescriptions the refill dates on the various pills drifted further apart, almost to the point of having to go in almost every other day during certain weeks of the month.

I work from home so driving places does not bother me as it gets me out of the house, though having to go to Rite-Aid every other day to pick up prescriptions was not very enjoyable.

A couple of days ago I was on Amazon looking for random stuff that I had no reason to purchase and I came across an ad for Amazon Pharmacy, and low and behold they actually have it available in my area which was quite the surprise.

I decided to sign up, the process was pretty painless as it entailed entering your info so it could pull your insurance and then entering in all the different medications that you take.

After doing that they provide the option of contacting your provider or you can contact the provider and pass along the Amazon Pharmacy details. I chose to just get ahold of my doctor and provide the information.

Today was the first delivery, and for one they got it right, and secondly, they delivered it right to my door! Amazon Pharmacy has a 2-day shipping option for Prime members which is nice, and they send you email alerts letting you know to log in and request a new refill. At this time they do not do automatic refills so that part is manual, but I am behind my computer all day anyway so it’s not much/if any of an inconvenience.

I will likely still have certain prescriptions handled by the local Rite-Aid if they are needed immediately, otherwise all of the other long-term medications I think I will stick with Amazon for those to save myself the headache and driving.