Another day, another post

I almost forgot about posting today, mainly because I spent a longer than normal time today snow blowing though it was not the driveway.

We live on a lagoon and during the winter we and a lot of people in the neighborhood take advantage of it by ice skating. There are a few people that go out and shovel a small area to skate on, or so they can play hockey. Last year I decided to take it a little further and carted our snow blower out there, I was expecting to be labeled as “that guy” for doing this though much to my surprise it was sadly acceptable by our neighbors.

With that being said I continue to snow blow a large section of the lagoon for our family as well as for the neighbors too! I think I took it a bit too far today as I just kept going, mainly due to the fact I have been listening to the Dave Grohl audiobook which I cant seem to get enough of, a post about that will be coming in the near future once I finish it.

Anyways I snow blew a huge area, as well as a path around the entire lagoon connecting all of the other various shoveled areas. I wish I had taken a picture of it today, guess that I will have to make an update to this post tomorrow.