Another snowy Monday

Looking at the post title you might think I am about to complain about the snow, but actually, I really do like the snow; it’s the cold that I am not a fan of.

Outside of the snow there is nothing too eventful to post about today, other than I am starting to dislike Home Depot as their app never seems to be up to date on what they have in stock. Its quite frustrating to see something in stock, drive to Home Depot, and then finding out its not really in stock.

There was a time when I was looking for soft close hinges for our kitchen and for a good couple of months they said they were in stock, when in fact they were not. From what I gathered the issue with this item was that the bin that held them had other hinges so the stock person just assumed they were in stock when they were simply the incorrect item in the bin.

This is what my life has become after purchasing a house, complaining about Home Depot of all places.