Apple MacBook Air M1

After weeks months of having issues with my 2018 MacBook Pro, I caved and decided to get the new MacBook Air with the Apple M1 chip. I initially ordered it a day after they announced them but by then the shipping for the model I wanted was already pushed out over a month so I signed off on it.

My 2018 MacBook Pro was an amazing machine until I started to have the dreaded keyboard issues. I was able to see past that due to COVID-19 and not traveling I was able to keep it docked on my desk and make use of an external keyboard.

But more recently it had gotten really bad, internet dropping, random reboots or lock ups, things crashing left and right. Even after a fresh install of everything it started to act up a week later.

I went back to exploring the upgrade to the M1 in the Air form factor which I really missed from my previous Air. I was sad to see that the delivery was still about a month out for the 512GB model that I was looking at, but locally they had the 1TB model available for pickup the same day.

I eventually settled on the 1TB model with 16GB ram, in Space Gray since I am planning on doing more video editing I figured not only out of being impatient I would also have the additional room.

initial thoughts

This thing is fast! I had read many reviews and heard from some friends that had also purchased one of the new MacBooks with the M1 chip, but seeing is believing. Most all apps bounce a couple of times then are open if you exit out of let’s say Safari then open it again it bounces maybe just half of the way then Safari is open. It really reminds me of using my iPhone or iPad where things just open.

Not that I ever use Xcode, but I wanted to see how long that took as I know even on the previous i7 @ 2.7ghz MacBook Pro of mine it took a while to open that. It also opened almost instantly, noticeably faster on the M1.


I knew getting into it that there would be some downsides when it came to apps since a lot of developers are still changing their code to be universal, but overall everything works great outside of HomeBrew which is hit or miss.

Docker was another one that I knew was not going to work, but their tech preview release seems to be working fine for my needs at the moment.

I am sure in the following months things will catch up and working on the M1 will be nothing but blissful.