Apple Siri Demo

So yesterday Apple had their event where everyone assumed that they would release the new iPhone 5…. well they only came out with the iPhone 4S, which while many seemed upset and disappointed by this move it really only seemed natural.  When you look at how well the iPhone 3G did it was only logical to ride that wave a little longer and put out the 3GS, which did amazing as well.

After hearing the specs of the iPhone 4S I really want to get one.  It comes with better talk time, better camera, as well as what really got me the A5 processor.  Since owning an iPad2 I have noticed that when using my iPhone 4 it seems slower than I once though, only when compared to the device using an A5.  Another awesome feature is Siri, I have attached a video of the Siri demo which is just amazing.


What are your thoughts? Will you be getting an iPhone 4S or will you be waiting for the iPhone 5?