14 thoughts on “Aria Giovanni”

  1. Angela, I dont recall where I got the picture form or if there was more to the set. But I agree she is a natural beauty for sure.

  2. I think she is one sexy woman. Naturally and her smile is beautiful. Where did you get this pic from please? were there more like it?

  3. I’m a big fan of aria’s…..she did do a more hardcore vid of herself fisting and with a dildo….but now that she is main stream she only does softcore vid’s with girls….she is a beauty that gets better with age.

  4. Stan, true on all that except there is a video that I came across once of her umm doing some pretty hardcore things to herself. I am sure it can be obtained via Limewire or Kazaa.

    Wez, never heard of her, but I will have to check her out. I mean who can pass up some chick having sex with a guy that looks like Mr.Clean?

  5. I have gotten into Brooke Banner lately, but only because of one porn I’ve seen….. she fucks Mr. Clean…

    Yes, I mean Mr. Clean. Yes, it’s funny. No, it’s not as good as pterodactyl porn.


  6. Nah man, she’s smokin hot. But, alas, she’s a porn star, and bears a striking resemblance to an underground tunnel. I’ve seen proof.

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