As promised …

I never got around to updating my site. I really need to stick to that promise sometime. Maybe after I start the night shift next week, then I will have some free time during the day to get some stuff done without any distractions…. well then again I will prob. watch a copious amount of TV and who knows how many movies. Along with a redesign of the site I have been thinking of trying to really get into the daily posting that I was so used to ages ago. I was trying to think of things that I could post on certain days and here is what I came up with.

Monday – Weekend review. Not that many will be interested in this but I figured I should at least try to recap my weekends so I can have some of an idea of what I did years down the road.
Tuesday – Tech Tuesday, looking at posting some tech related article/how-to etc on every tuesday.
Wednesday – Whack off Wednesday. I am not going to start posting porn, but I think a tasteful photo every week wont hurt.
Thursday – Thirsty Thursday, coming from Lansing that was a tradition. I am going to try to post a drink mixture, drinking game, or some sort of review of a club/bar
Friday – Weekend Plan, then I can see on Monday if I really held to my plans.
Saturday – Nothing planned.
Sunday – Nothing planned.

Well there you have it, just one more thing that I wont stick to… but the idea is there at least.