August is here, and I will be older…

The summer has gone by really damn fast, I honestly haven’t the slightest where June and July went.  Now it’s August, and my birthday is less than a week away, and wow am I feeling old.  Reaching thirty wasn’t all that bad but knowing that thirty-one is less than a week away has really got me feeling like I should start to look into buying an amigo or a nice walker.

Besides my birthday this coming weekend, the rest of the month is pretty packed as well.  WordCamp San Francisco is the same weekend, and the company I work for is sponsoring it and I got a pass, but I highly doubt I will be able to attend.

Speaking of WordCamp, I took on the responsibility of organizing WordCamp Las Vegas in place of John as he currently doesn’t have the free time to take this one…. though little does he know I am going to make him do all the work ha!

Lastly, towards the end of the month, I am going out to NYC for the weekend to meet up with the owner and one of the other guys that live out there.  Will be pretty interesting as I have never been to NYC and well after talking only on the phone and via Skype it will be neat to finally meet them face to face.