Harpers Half off!

Well last night I went up to harpers… Needless to say I got drunk and for very very cheap. Cant beat half off everything, but a word of advice dont every buy their hummus. The hummas there is like mashed fucking potato’s with loads of garlic in it. Anyways yeah went up there expecting to […]

Welcome to the Site.

Welcome to shelbydenike.com, You may have come here from other sites such as 7pounds.net, DeviantProductions.net or some of the other random sites. Anyways yeah this site will pretty much be a place where you will hear me bitch about everyday life and the cubicle job that I live for.

Site News

Well I put up a new article today and well… Its kind of a funny one once you get past the whole beginning of it. I will keep you updated on it. Also still no real word on Whiteplanet at this time but keep checking back