The title pretty much sums up what has been going on since the last time I posted. Lets see for starters Kat and I went to Colorado to see her buddy and two concerts (same band). The trip was fun and the concerts were a blast. Overall vibe I got from Colorado makes me almost want to move there, but then again that whole snow thing is kind of crap.

I was switched to weekends at work, supposed to be a temp change…. but then again the last couple people they put on to the weekend shifts on a “temp” basis have been on it for 8+ months. So needless to say I am interested in seeing how things work out on that one. Overall I guess its not tooooo horrible as it gives me some week days to get some things taken care of that I cant normally get to on the weekend.

May is going to creep up on me pretty quick since I cant wait for Kat’s birthday and our trip down to Florida to hit up the HangOut Festival. Still trying to figure out Kat’s birthday as we are not sure if we are sticking around or heading out of town. As for the festival in Florida the line up for the show is awesome!, and they just added some more people to it last week as well. I def. enjoy the trips that her and I take with one another and am always looking forward to the next adventure.

Other than that, life is life. Been working and trying to hang out and keep the extra client work coming in…. Welp until next post which could be days, weeks or months away.