Biking to the Capitol

Biking to the Capitol 1

On Saturday I woke up with the great idea of telling Nicole and Ryan that we should bike to the State Capital and back since the weather was awesome. The overall roundtrip would end up being around 20 miles depending on the exact routes were taking.

We made our way through Okemos, into East Lansing and then took some of the riverwalk to avoid the main roads. We came across a group of graduates that were taking celebratory graduation photos since there was no actual ceremony taking place.

MSU Grads

So while we didn’t make it to the front steps of the capital itself, we did make it one street away to have lunch at Kewpee’s, after we finished eating at a bench we started the trek back home. This time we took Michigan avenue all the way back to Grand river avenue so that we could stop for a snack at whichever places might still be open for curbside delivery.

We debated on ice cream but settled on Tropical Smoothie cafe which was still open. We parked our bikes and sat on the empty patio enjoying the sun. I think that might have been a bad idea as it allowed us all to start feeling tired, and we only had a couple more miles to get back home.

In the end, we did it, was pretty proud of Ryan being able to make that long of a round trip even though I knew he was tired and his hands were sore from his pretty uncomfortable grips on this bike.

And today it’s raining so likely not taking a long bike adventure today, which I am perfectly fine with as my legs need a rest.