Bye Evernote, Hello Bear!

I have been a long time paying user of Evernote but have always been looking for a suitable replacement, I just haven’t come across another app that works the way that Evernote does. That was up until recently when it was suggested to me yet again to give a try. I was looking to move away entirely from a paid app and even tried Joplin. Joplin seemed like it was going to be a winner, as it had a macOS and iOS version while also allowing me to sync notes via various services. I gave Joplin a try for a little under a week, as during that time it was pretty evident that the sync feature was just not comparable to Evernote, and many notes never synced properly or updated from one device to another.

With that said I decided to bite and try out as previously suggested to me. So far I have not looked back, even once. The guys behind created a very well done and refreshing interface, both on macOS as well as iOS. The only downside I am seeing so far is the Sync, while it works perfectly it only allows you to use iCloud for syncing.

They even have a great importer for all of your Evernote notes so I was able to carry over the years and years of notes, and instead of different “Notebooks”, they tag the notes instead for sorting. This has taken a little to get used to but overall it has not been difficult to make the change.

All in all, even though still had an option of either a monthly or yearly subscription cost, in the end the yearly subscription ended up being about half the monthly price of Evernote.