Canyoneering in Utah

Canyoneering in Utah

UPDATED 11/05/2014: Added 110 more pictures to the gallery.
UPDATED 10/28/2014: Added more pictures to the gallery.

Over the weekend Kat and I went canyoneering near Green River, Utah (We didn’t relize until the drive back that this was the same town we stayed in while moving to Boulder, the same town in which our Uhaul broke down). We were invited by our neighbor Frank and met up with him and his friends more or less in the middle of nowhere. He had given us some ideas on what to expect from the trip so we were not left entirely in the dark when it came to starting our adventure.

We ended up leaving Boulder and heading to the camping area a little later than expected, ended up getting there at about 11pm, sat around had a few beers after setting up our camp site and went to bed. The following morning we got up had a small breakfast and gathered with the group to find out all the items we should put in our bags before we began our hike to the canyon.

Our hike to the canyon was pretty easy, and flat and surrounded us with some beautiful views of Utah … yeah I know I wasn’t expecting beautiful views out there as every other experience with Utah has been bland and blah, this however was not.

Upon arrival to the canyon we started our way in, there was 16 of us funneling into the place so we had a lot of help on what/how to do things being our first time. I wish I could type all of the details of the event but I was more or less caught up in the moment of the experience and excitement to remember how may down climbs etc etc we did. However I do know we did two repels which was quite the experience. Kat was a champ when it came to doing the first one, she was before me and without hesitation she got suited up and was instructed on how to repel down and did it with flying colors. I followed behind her and wow is all I can say, putting that much trust in a rope and for the most part walking backwards off a cliff slowly feeding the rope was an intense adrenaline rush the first time. Ohh yeah we were also wearing wet suits by this point as there were a lot of small water deposits that we had to swim or climb down into.

We made it through the canyon and sat with the group had a beer, and some snacks then started our way back to camp … which might I add was a very very long exhausting hike back, there were certain points where I was wanting to give up and just sit it out as I was not at all ready for this kind of uphill hike for miles back.

In the end I think we both did really well for our first time canyoneering and we both look forward to the next time we get the chance to go canyoneering now that we know what it is all about.

I have a handful of pictures that I took, but not as many as I would have hoped but I was kind of occupied with everything else that was going on.

I also got to mess around with a GoPro that I got off my neighbor and shot a few time lapse videos of the drive to Utah, drive back to Boulder (We detoured in Arvada to get some gas, and then had a late dinner at Wapos), as well as an all too short partial video of the hike back to camp.

The drive to Utah

Partial video of the hike back to camp

Driving back to Boulder from Utah