Laughing Squid NYC – Feb 2015

I took some pictures of the random adventures of the Laughing Squid team (Hosting team as well as the Blogging team) on our annual meetup. This year it took place in Manhattan, New York.

We always have an awesome time when the whole team is together (Especially when I am forcing everyone into taking Pickleback’s) since most of our days are spent communicating via Slack, and only get to see one another on these rare occasions.

Already getting excited about the next time we all get together again.

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Decreasing Time To First Byte

I was running sd3labs through and noticed that the Time To First Byte was causing for a low score.  While there has been some debate about how Time To First Byte is considered meaningless, I decided to see what I could do to improve on it just in case it really does hold some value.

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