Celebrating my 33rd…

Damn, reading the title of this post makes me feel ancient since it seems like just yesterday I was 21 and legally getting into a bar for the first time. Anyways it was one of the best birthdays I have celebrated, if not the best since I was a little kid having a party at Little Caesars play land.

I have to really hand it to Kat for surprising me as much as she did this year as I honestly had no idea as to what we were going to do, where we were going, and what she had gotten me. The morning started off with her telling me we were going somewhere and she directed me in the car as to where to drive (Since moving to Boulder we only have my car, and our bikes… and I have yet to teach her how to drive a manual.). The route that we were driving I was almost sure that she had scheduled me a massage or something as I had not idea what else was in the general direction. We ended up going to The Buff Restaurant for breakfast, this place had great reviews, and was recommended as a place to get some $.99 mimosa’s… you can never go wrong with that! I ordered one of the skillets and while the eggs were cooked a little more than I wanted, it was damn delicious. After the meal I ended up getting a Dirty Hippie (No not Kat, but a drink that had Chai, Expresso, and soy) at first I wasn’t too sure on the taste of it as it had a really strong Chai flavor to it, but once the flavor sunk in it ended up being awesome.

We got home and I ended up working for the remainder of the day, I think the internet knew it was my birthday and didn’t want to bombard me with support request as it ended up being a pretty chill day on the internet. During the day I got to open my gifts and even got a cookie cake, cup cakes, a slice of cheese cake and even a milk shake delivered from Boulder Baked…. worked out well as one of the gifts that I got was the Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale that I have been wanting.  Was pretty awesome being able to weigh in through the day and see my weight as well as my BMI change haha.  I think I am going to have to step up my bicycle riding, which will be nice since I also got a trunk bike mount for my car allowing me to get out of the Boulder area to ride!

After I was done with work we got ready to head out to our reservations that Kat had made for us at Pizzeria Locale on Pearl St.  We have read about this place before even moving to Boulder and were excited to try out the pizza’s, and the wine of course.  When we got there it was pretty packed, and actually quite loud.  We waited only for a few minutes and they seated us, thankfully we had the reservations else we might have been waiting for quite sometime.  We decided on a few appetizers and some wine to start with while still trying to decide on some pizza’s to order.  Maiale PizzaWe ordered a couple pizzas which came very quickly to our table which was surprising as the service was ridiculously slow and un-attentive.  People on yelp raved about how these are the most amazing pizzas in all of the lands… While the pizzas were good we both thought it was a bit of a stretch to praise them that much.  I personally would probably have to say that Oenotri in Napa, CA is probably some of the best, if not the best pizza I have ever had.  We wrapped up with some more wine, and then a birthday pudding that was delivered to the table.

We made our way home and hung out for a bit, sipping on the bottle of Jack that she had gotten for me. Had some good conversation, and hung out on the couch before heading to bed.  Was an awesome birthday and enjoyed every moment of it with Kat.