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Problem: I have multiple AppleTV’s running XBMC on them all reading from the same central server.  The issue was that the thumbnails might be on one and not the other, also watching TV series its hard to keep track of which episode I am on since I watch from multiple locations.

Solution: Doing some reading you can actually make all of the XBMC instances store data to a central server running MySQL.  Why would you want to do that? Well there are a few reasons, besides having everything in sync across the board it also gives you the ability to resume playback from where you left off in another room.

Since I already had a server on my LAN which is providing the media via Samba and already has MySQL running for a development environment it was a pretty simple setup.  I followed the tutorial here, which pretty much calls for making a MySQL user for XBMC and then I took it a step further and have all of the actor/movie thumbnails being stored on a network share too.  I have included my advancedsettings.xml file which you need to create and add to each XBMC instance.





I decided to rebuild my whole library, which takes a little but but all said and done its a pretty nice setup and being able to resume playback from room to room is nice too.  If you have a dedicated machine, and multiple XBMC instances I would recommend this type of setup.

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  1. Which version are you using? I tried doing this a few versions back (10 I think?), and it didn’t work right. Seems like the video library showed up properly in the XBMC remote android app, but not on the screen, or vice versa. I shut it off a short while after it didn’t work.

    • Currently I am using Frodo nightly but I have been using this setup for well over a year. So it was for sure in the previous version if not the one before. Its really awesome with this setup since you can pause in one room and start the show in the other from the exact spot. Also the advancedsettings.xml can be tweaked quite a bit so its easy to push out an update across all of your front ends with a simple reboot of each device.

  2. Performance using that has been pretty shitty for me. Switched back to nfs export of usersettings directory.

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