Chillin with Murders

So a few weeks before I moved out of the house here in Vegas and into my Apartment my old roommates current roommate from Los Angeles came out to Vegas and stayed in the house. He came with his girlfriend and were only supposed to stay for a night … that night turned into 4 days, each day with me asking/hinting at when they are going to be leaving …. anyways they finally left and I was glad that they did as they were starting to weird my girlfriend and myself out. Fast forward to last week, and that old roommate of mine gave me a text stating that the guy had been arrested. He wasn’t sure why, he got back to me later that day saying that he spoke with the other roommate of his and she stated to google “Katsutoshi Takazato”. he wasn’t able to find anything since he was boarding a flight out of town. I googled the name and found out that 3 people were arrested in Beverly Hills for stabbing some kid…. 2 of the people being the couple that stayed for 4 days at my place. I have been following the story and they seem to be on $1-3 million dollar bail and face life in prison. Awesome to know I hung out with some stone cold murders, I hope you sense the sarcasm in that statement.