Concert Update

I have been meaning to post about last weekend, but just haven’t had much breathing room to do so. Last weekend Kat and I enjoyed a weekend of music. We ended up seeing Stephen Marley Friday night and then Cake Saturday night, kind of creating our own 2 day music festival.

Stephen Marley played pool side over at the Hard Rock, while I have started to dig pool side venues the Hard Rock leaves a lot of room for improvement. The performance was awesome, but standing in line for an hour before hand to get in was not so cool. Once inside the standing room in front of the stage was about the size of 8 parking spots, you had to stand around the pool otherwise.

Cake played at The Boulevard Pool located on the 4th floor of Cosmopolitan. They do ticketing a little different here, and I must say I love it. Screw TicketMaster, here you don’t have to pay fees its just a flat rate of whatever they say the ticket will cost. The staff was amazing, didn’t feel like I was getting search before being placed in a cell. Top notch. As for Cake, well I have never had too much exposure to them except what has been played on the radio. Kat on the other hand has wanted to see them for a while, and I am glad she and I went as they put on a great show.

So far this summer of shows has been pretty awesome, and I look forward to all the other ones that Kat and I have planned or are planning to attend.