Concerts Galore

I have really been slacking on some real updates about life and what not, so I will start with concerts. Over the last month or so I have seen quite a few concerts. First I saw Deftones at a free show in a Best Buy parking lot, put on by KROQ. Kroq LogoIt was alright as far as free concerts go, except the Deftones have never really put on a good live show from what I have come to notice. I then made a trip to see Head Automatica perform two songs on the Carson Daly show which was an event all its own. I also got to watch Ice-T and his wife talk about this and that on the show. They perform really good live I can vouch for that. I then made a trip to Vegas and saw Everytime I Die at the house of blues, they sounded a lot heavier than their CD comes off as. It was a great show besides the fact the tequilla I was drinking hit me a little harder than I was planning. Last night I went and saw Panic! at the Disco, I have never really been to a show that was like this. I am used to the whole band gets on stage, band plays, crowd cheers etc… This was more of a performance though, they had the stage setup like a circus and people were doing flips and what not. It was cool …except for all the 14yr kids wandering around.
Well thats about all for the Concert update, I will try to make attempts in updating the site with less tech related stuff as soon as I get a chance.