COVID-19 testing and results

Corona Virus (COVID-19)
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A couple of weeks ago I was not feeling well and was experiencing a lot of the COVID-19 symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath and fevers all at random out of the blue.

I decided that I should go get tested which happened on a Friday, which was sadly on Easter weekend.

The test itself was done via Redicare with a drive up, they come to your car dressed in more or less a hazmat suit and shove a long swab into your nose. It was a long swab and it felt like it just kept going deeper and deeper till it touched the base of my brain. It was not by any means painful but rather just uncomfortable, to the point I had tears and felt like a major sneeze was coming on. I thought it was over but yeah no, they do it up both nostrils.

I was told that it would take 24hrs which is great as I had heard that in some cases the test could take a week or more for the results. I was surprised to hear back late the following day testing negative for a couple of variants of the flu but nothing COVID-19 related as of yet… So my weekend continued on, but in the back of my head, all I could think about was if I had the virus or not.

Monday afternoon I received the results that I tested negative though I was still feeling symptoms. Upon further research, and no not WebMD (Which I am not even going to link to.) I saw that the tests are only about 30% accurate which is kind of concerning in itself.

I am almost certain that I had/have a very mild case of it, which if that is the case I am glad it was mild and didn’t require hospitalization.

I currently feel 99.9% back to normal, though at random I feel I still get a small instant spike in temperature. I heard on the radio that Sparrow hospital here in Lansing does perform antibody tests which I am thinking about inquiring about just to see if I can get a more solid answer and know that it was not all in my head.