Cpanel / Exim email attachment fix

In future Cpanel updates, /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter may get overwritten if you edit it.

  1. cp /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom
  2. Then edit /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom and remove the eml| from the four non-commented lines that reference it. You can also do this for URL, and LNK
  3. Then log into WHM, click on Exim Configuration Editor, and change the system filter at the bottom from /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter to /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom
  4. Save the changes

Now Cpanel will use /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter_custom, which if properly edited to remove the ’eml|’ references in the particular lines will allow EML attachments to go through in the future