Daily routine

Back to another not so interesting post, this time about my daily routine. I was told long ago by a manager at a company I worked for that I am very much a creature of habit, and she was not wrong.

This is the exact order I do things each morning, if I don’t follow this then the whole day just seems off and out of control.

  • First thing I do when I wake up, before getting out of bed I check the notifications on my phone, and follow up where needed.
  • I then check for app updates and apply all of those before heading to the shower.
  • Shower. Seriously if I don’t get a shower in the first thing I just can’t get the day started. I also brush my teeth in the shower to consolidate the tasks.
  • Get dressed, can’t be walking around the house naked even though I work from home.
  • Start a cup of coffee
  • Eat breakfast, which for the past few months has honestly consisted of mostly avocado toast.
  • Head down to the office
  • Open up Slack and give my morning greeting.
  • Get caught up on Slack
  • Check for new tickets
  • Check my email

All of this of course is a standard thing every day of the week outside of heading to the office/Slack etc on the weekends. It’s funny to me that I am so set in my ways that veering from this even a little bit screws up my day, part of the reason I also avoid early morning calls when I first get in as it throws off my getting caught up-flow I have in place.