Day before today

So yesterday I went to get the brake pads for my car, and some super glue to fix Sara’s car cell phone charger that I broke over the weekend. After the worst roommate in the world got home from work I dragged her to Ikea so I could pick out a bed that my parents are going to get me for when I move since I don’t have one at this point in time… I never thought I would reach the age where getting a bed was more exciting than getting a Nintendo haha.

Anyways the reason I call her the worst roommate as she decided it would be funny to pretend that we were a white trash couple and call me babe and pookie the whole time while in the store. You might not think that is bad but it only got worse when she started speaking out loud about my 4 bastard children, meth addiction, a drinking problem, and domestic abuse … people acted like they were not listening, but they were.

After we left there we went to get some food were the entire time she continued the same shenanigans along with telling the people it was my birthday so the staff kept coming by and tieing balloons to me by the end of the dinner I had 5 balloons tied to me and the table next to us surely thought that I was a shit bag wife beater.

Anyways I was planning on keeping the balloons until we left and one popped and I got scared like a little kid seeing Santa for the first time and let go of them. Ohh well, maybe I can get some more for the bar tonight or whatever it is I end up doing.