Don’t think too hard when I talk.

I got bored and created a Newegg wish list, I think I might have to do it for every store I want something from.  I wish Meijers had a wishlist… well actually they prob. do but we dont have them out here in Cali which sucks.

On another note I am starting a cult and already have one member…

[14:35] you are like a black hole  – I can’t get out once I get sucked in and it’s always tempting to get sucked in
yes, i am sd3n1k3’s solo groupie

Yuo too can join and be a follower… Wow I think I have lost my mind.  Must be the cold weather, granted its not snow but I am now a desert dweller and well 55 is cold to me.  I am almost thinking of breaking out a jacket soon.  And to top off the cold I cant get the heat to work in our condo… mainly because the thermostat is a pain to hook up.  I hope to get it working tonight.