eAccelerator on PHP 5

eAcceleratorHere is what I did to get eAccelerator 0.9.5 running on PHP 5 on my V-Dedicated server. I did the exact steps when I had PHP 4 running the only difference was that with PHP 4 I used the 0.9.4 install of eAccelerator instead of 0.9.5. Everything was done via SSH access.

1. cd /usr/local/src/
2. wget http://bart.eaccelerator.net/source/0.9.5/eaccelerator-0.9.5.tar.bz2
3. bunzip eaccelerator-0.9.5.tar.bz2
3. tar -xvf eaccelerator-0.9.5.tar
4. cd eaccelerator-0.9.5
5. Run the following command inside that directory /usr/local/bin/phpize. You should get output like the following

6. Run the next commands to get it all configured to work with your system and compiled/installed

7. After running the make install the system will tell you know where it installed the module to. Take note of that directory, it should be something much like the following

you will need this information for the php.ini else the module will not load.

8. Now you need to create the eaccelerator cache directory and give it the correct permissions.

9. This is reallt the last main step, Next you need to add the following into your php.ini so that the module loads.

Of course make sure to change out extension=”/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20050922/eaccelerator.so” with the exact location of your module as told to you after the make install command.

10. Restart Apapche and it should be all set. You can load up your phpinfo page and you should see that the eAccelerator is loaded on the system