Enabling Comments?

Glenn Carstens Peters - Person typing from Unsplash.com
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

In 2014 I chose to disable comments on my site, but lately, I have been thinking of enabling them again as the traffic has increased and the tools to combat spam have also improved since then.

I have also thought of another option of providing a comment link that would tweet me directly with the comment, as I am more active on Twitter than any other social platform but then again do comments even matter on blogs anymore?

If I were to enable comments again I doubt I would go with the native WordPress comments or JetPack as I have recently completely removed it from my site due to issues that it was causing with the RSS feed. I think it goes without saying I would also clearly be staying away from Disqus, but I came across Commento which seems to be a nice alternative as well as being very affordable.

I would say leave a comment and let me know your thoughts but uh yeah that’s not really going to work at the given moment, so reach out on twitter if you feel so inclined!