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кухненско обзавежданеSeems like I have some major sleep issues that I have been dealing with for some time now. I for the most part go in spurts where I can sleep well through the night and nap through the day, It pretty amazing but it rarely happens.

Last night I attempted to go to bed at a decent time, for me at least.  I even took some Melatonin as well as made some Chamomile Tea in hopes that the combo would knock me out and help get a good night’s sleep….. Twas, not the case, I ended up waking up about 2hrs after I passed out and then struggled the rest of the night to fall back asleep.

I have also tried over the counter sleep aids and they seem to knock me out for a few hours then I end up waking up and battle heading back to bed… Does anyone have any suggestions of remedies that have worked for you?