Falling Behind

Life has been getting away from me here and has not provided me ample time to blog, I guess I shouldn’t say I haven’t had ample time but rather just been busy and it has taken a backseat. So if my count is right, we are day 67 into the 100-day blog challenge, and I have 43 posts, 44 counting this one, I am still chalking it up to a win either way as this is the most I have blogged over the past few years.

I am trying to make this part of my daily routine, outside of the weekends, where I am taking “me” time instead. I am proud of the others that are participating daily, I commend their efforts and hope I can pick up the pace and perhaps do a couple of posts per day to make up for my slacking.

Side note: I have still been eating avocado toast on almost a daily basis, this is getting out of control.