Falling behind

I could likely write another post complaining about the difficulties of the 100 days of blogging challenge that I am taking part in, but what fun would that be? Instead, I think I should just say that I have missed a few days as I find it especially difficult on the weekends to find the time to post.

I have been trying my hardest to power down my computer at the end of business day Friday and not turning it back on till Monday morning, which has been pretty nice … but again doesn’t help with this blogging challenge.

The idea of just posting from my phone crossed my mind as I still use that on the weekends, but since you HAVE to have JetPack installed on your site in order to use the WordPress iOS app that just won’t be a working solution.

The mobile version of WordPress could be doable, but again I have really fallen for Gutenberg and the writing experience it provides on my desktop, so that also is not a viable solution.

On the brief search, I did come across IA Writer, which now has support to post to self-hosted WordPress sites, which would be an option, at least for making drafts that I could then touch up when my laptop is fired up. but then again, do I need another app? I could certainly write drafts in Bear.app and then just copy and past over to my site … I really wish that WordPress would release a Gutenberg iOS writer app that would let me post directly to my self hosted WordPress site without the need of a 3rd party plugin/service such as JetPack.