Firefox Extensions

I decided to create a list of Firefox plugins that I use …  Yuo might find some of them useful, then again you might think some are junk.

MeasureIt – This puts a ruler on your browser, no more guessing how large an area it as it lets you know how many pixels are there.

ColorZilla – Ever wonder what color is being used on a web page?  Use this to find out the colors people are using on their page.

View Rendered Source Chart – This lets you see the make up of a web site, you can see all the tables etc.

SessionSaver – Never lose those open tabs when Firefox Crashes.

AdBlock – Stop the ad’s from showing on webpages.  This is one of the BEST extentsions that are out there.

ForecastFox – Keep an Eye on the weather with this simple extension.

EditCSS – Lets you edit the CSS in real time. – If you use then you will want to have this.  It lets you get to your bookmarks quick, and add them even faster.

Tabbrowser Preferences – lets you have a little more control over the tabs in firefox.

Minimize to Tray – I just like to have my firefox always open and in the tray…  Works with thunderbird.