Flaming Lips and Water soaked handguns

Over the weekend Kat and I went and saw the Flaming Lips over at the Cosmopolitan Pool. I never really listened to the Flaming Lips much until one night when Kat and I were walking in circles late at night at the old house and she put them on. I started to really dig it … anyways we saw them perform at The Hangout festival, and it was cool but they didn’t put on as huge of a production as Kat had explained to me. So when the chance came to see them again, and at the Cosmo Pool we couldn’t pass it up.
This time around it was awesome! If you ever have a chance to see them live you should take the opportunity to do so as you will not be let down. So much energy and instead of just watching a band you actually get to see a performance and feel like you are part of the show.
Other than the awesome concert things got a little crazy in the hood (yes I live in the hood now). Saturday night there was a group of idiots at the pool/hot tub, clearly been drinking all day and couldn’t control their noise level or anything else. They made threats to some of the neighbors who told them to be quiet. Kat and I decided it would be a good time to give the police a call and let them know about the noise, and actions of these people.
A police officer showed up and talked to the people at the pool as well as one of the apartment managers (just happened to be one of the people that was yelled at by the group of people). I spoke with the officer as well and he told me that the group of people have had complaints before and they were going to be evicted so that I should try to have a nice night.
Later in the evening Kat and I were sitting around watching TV and I heard a lot of scuffling outside near the pool. I went out on the porch to look and low and behold its the group of people getting into a scuffle with some guy… I wasn’t able to figure out what had happened leading up to this, but when I walked out they had pushed the guy into the pool and when he got out he was waving a gun around. I called the cops again and next thing you know there was about 4 or 5 armed cops storming Acerno Villas. Kat and I listened on the porch to gather some information on what happened, come to find out something went on and the guy pulled a gun on one of the drunk guys. Instead of backing down he got into it with the guy with the guy and tossed him into the pool. They then decided to argue before the guy with the gun bolted to his apartment.
Now mind you we don’t live in North Vegas, this is not something that happens really in the area so this all came as a shock… so yeah … cant wait for the lease to be up and we move the hell out of here as Acerno Villas has clearly started to go downhill.