Forum Software

I am on the look for a new forum software. Mainly want something simple but allows user levels and it would be a plus if it worked well with WordPress right out of the box so there would not be a need for multiple logins. I know there is a lot of bridging software available out there for certain forum software so that part prob wont be a problem. I have used vBulletin, Invision in the past which are very full featured… but they cost money. Anyone have any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Forum Software”

  1. forum software!? are you bringing back teh pounds? cuz the erk sucks? news flash: so does the rest of the internet. but i still love you. anyway. use SMF. this guy said it was cool once. and by cool, i think he meant free. anyway, its the only forum software i know that isn’t phpbb (gag) or vbulletin.

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