Friday post of randomness

In attempts to keep up with the second (annual?) 100 days of blogging, you will, from time to time, find yourself reading the most random posts from me just so I have something to blog about; today is one of those days.

The weekend is upon us, and while I wish I had something exciting going on, I will be priming our master bedroom and closet getting it ready to be painted. While this might not be that exciting to anyone reading this, it certainly is for us. We have been waiting for the master bedroom and closet to be completed for way longer than I want to admit, and it’s almost done! By next weekend, I hope we will be moved back into the master on our Tuft and Needle mattress and no longer subjected to the old school bed that we have in the guest room, as my back can no longer take it.

Other than that, this morning, I finally took it upon myself to figure out why my keyfob for my truck would randomly lock/unlock or just not even function. Once I tore it apart, I noticed that the sensors on the board were dirty; after applying some rubbing alcohol with some q-tips, it looked brand new. And after testing it out, it certainly functions like new, so I consider that a win!

This morning also encompassed another achievement; I reached Inbox Zero, which, while not much, does feel like a small win being able to see and end to emails that needed replies.

I think that more or less sums up this cold Michigan Friday morning, looking forward to what next week brings!