Gene Simmons is the Hamburglar

Gene SImmonsSo the other day I went to get some lunch at Trimana right near the office. While waiting in line this guy walks up and asks me if I had ordered yet… I think it was a ploy for him to take my food. Anyways after he walked away from me, probably to go hide behind the trash can so that he could jump me after I got my food. I noticed it was no other than Gene Simmons himself. The overall shocking factor was that the place we were eating is somewhat like a High School Cafeteria, just didn’t expect that the man that once dressed up in a crazy outfit(and still does), and paints his face would eat.  Other than that lunch was pretty uneventful.  I really need to find some other places to eat nearby as I am getting sick of Panda Express, Starbucks, Trimana… and even Blue Marlin.